Destination Wedding For You

Destination Wedding

Events Especially for You Travel, is a full- service event planning company. We specialize in events ranging from the small and intimate to the large and extravagant!Our goal is to provide you with personalized details that are tailored to suit your vision and budget to create a memorable event.

Reservation and Payment Information

Reservation and Payment Information

In order to process your payment for your travel reservations we need a Credit Card or money-order. The payment needs to be provide to lock in your quoted prices, quotes are only valid for 24 hours. Once travel plans are confirmed, we will email you within 24 to 48 hours a confirmation.

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

At E.E.F.Y TRAVEL, we're glad to extend our personal touch travel to you. We offer our customers manageable payment plans that works for their needs. With this option, the price of your travel and accommodations can be split into several payments

Multi-Generational and Group Travel

Envision all your loved ones in one place; create memorable moments and memories that will last a lifetime. 

We provide care of every aspect, whether on a land tour, boat trip, or ship cruise, so you can visit, experience, and be together as a family. It is important to us that you make every moment valuable and moments last forever.

The E.E.F.Y. TRAVEL LLC, journeys are intended to build new and deeper bonds that last by encouraging multi-generational groups to become closer to one another as they discover remote locations together, all while creating new friends along the way. Insider perspectives, games events, and real local culture all make it even better. Needless to say, we have the best family-oriented travel managers, guides, and experts in the class team. We take good care of little stuff, so you don’t lose out on the important things.

Wellness Travel

A well-being retreat will slow it down, calm you and take you through a very relaxing break. This is the right place for old patterns to be broken and to achieve inner peace. The focus of this retreat is not only on physical health but also emotional and mental health when achieving fitness goals. Replenish the soul; go on a self-discovery through our exclusive health & wellness travel!

 You can make your life easier with one phone call, why waste energy trapped in your head. 

Our wellness package focuses on health and wellbeing via fitness and enjoyable challenges. Leading a sedentary lifestyle doing desk jobs can pose a health issue, particularly when we are old, so through challenges while having fun whether that is walking in the great outdoors or tennis, beach boxing, or Zumba. 

You will find a wellness holiday activity perfect for you.

Autism Travel and Special Needs


Do you have a close relative, child, or adult on the Autism Spectrum? Have you been seeking a Family Vacation that meets all the support you need to accommodate your loved one?

If you said yes to either of the questions above, you’re in the right place. We understand the frustrations that can occur when planning a family vacation. Our Certified Autism Travel Professionals are here to ease the pressure of this frustration.We are here to make sure that you can go on an unforgettable and pleasant vacation. Our goal is to communicate with you to find out how to personalize your vacation so that it fits your specific needs and everyone can enjoy their time.

Our Certified Autism Travel Professionals allow you to schedule your tour of an autism-friendly resort or a cruise and can adjust your holiday to sensory difficulties, special preferences, special dietary needs, and whatever else your family desires.

Luxury Travel

The best kind of trip is to ride for fun. Holidays provide you the opportunity to escape and relax. Our agency will make sure you are well facilitated with a luxurious experience so you will not have a dull moment!

We may have not seen 2020 coming, and your plans are going to waste. But, not 2021! Now is the time for things to look up gloriously! Where you stay is just as essential for some tourists as where you go. If you are spending romantic holidays in a comfortable residence or planning the perfect lavish villa for your yearly family holidays, the connections to E.F.F.Y Travel give you a great deal of care and generous facilities during your holidays.

From spectacular vacations at resorts, villas, and hotel suites to Private island trips with private luxury jet charters, Yachts, and RV rentals, etc., you name it, we have it! Not only can we take your vacation to the next level, but there are arrangements of comfortable, luxury clothing too! Whatever you desire, we will make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Concierge & VIP Services

We have worldwide first-class trained, seasoned concierges. We provide professional trained experienced concierges with first-class partnership worldwide. Whether you want to experience the luxury or to unload and not oversee some duties, it makes great sense to have a personal concierge.

Do not worry, because E.F.F.Y. TRAVEL LLC, is here to provide luxury at your fingertips. Your preference of traveling and special interest drive the route, whereas our expert experience of your destination and commitment to customer service make it outstanding.

Much like the gift you did not realize that you wanted, but cannot imagine living without it now, our services increase your satisfaction in unforeseen – and indeed dramatic – forms. We will prep your tour with the kind of surprises that you only get from an insider travel expert. Regardless of the surprise, they surely will wow you.


You deserve to be treated like royalty, and we are here to serve you exactly as you deserve! We know that to ensure amazing travel, we need to take on great responsibility. E.F.F.Y TRAVEL LLC, is an award-winning agency, Of the President and Pepe club. Our international partnerships network with some of the best suppliers and tour operators in the world, who have been created to provide you with the best services. We are here to bring luxury to your fingertips.

Over the decade , E.E.F.Y TRAVEL LLC,  has formed a wide range of relationships with some of the best travel companies. The organizations we have chosen are renowned and dedicated.

E.E.F.Y TRAVEL LLC, consultants will deal with all of your travel needs; including: plane tickets, train bookings, car rental. Along with that, our services also include fitness tours, private island trips, yachts, and rental services, private luxury jet charters, etc.. We not only take your holidays to the next level but also will arrange for you luxurious items!

We care about your family members requiring special attention. The facilities for Autism travel & Special Needs, guided by Certified Autism Travel Professional will make sure you can experience the journey to the fullest.

Our expert team consists of Hawaii Specialist, Palace Pro Agent, A.M Master Agent, Hotel Excellence Specialist, Certified Autism Travel Professional, Certified South Africa Specialist, and Certified Australia Specialist. The staff always works with their heart and soul, to ensure you have the time of your life!

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